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Scope of Internships and Employment in UAE


The United Arab Emirates has always been a land of promises. With spectacular growth in almost all the fields of modern society, it has proved its class to the world. It is among the few countries with a trade surplus and hence has a stable currency (AED).

With its peaceful and cultivable environment, UAE is adding a new firm every month on its soil. Despite a moderate GDP growth of close to 4% which is better than the world’s average of 3.4%, predicted by the World Bank, UAE is one of the most preferred destinations for employment.

With the growing education sector in UAE and inclusion of some of its universities such as Zayed University, Abu Dhabi in the list of world’s best, internships have also got a greater push and fresh outlook.

Healthcare, Retail & Logistics, IT & Telecom are the three fastest growing sectors in UAE with Pharmaceutical, Consumer Electronics, Tourism, Media and Manufacturing as the ones trailing immediately and offering vast opportunities.

Industrial roles which are most in demand and likely to be in 2017 are Management( Sales and Business Development), Commerce and Engineering and Human Resource Personnel.

The role of Administrative assistants is on the surge. According to, the average salary of such assistants is likely to cross 6000 AED, with a range of 3,500 to 13,000 AED per month based on experience and job profile. A number of paid internships are also likely to increase as predicted by

According to reports, about 37% of the firms are looking for ‘ Mid Level Position’ while 31% of the firms are definitely to hire. With 27% of the firms showing requirements for marketing professionals and about 25% for professionals with computer skills, the overall hiring is likely to be around 41%.

Middle East business intelligence service (MEED) predicts that recovery in oil prices combined with growing public and private sector activity boosted by Dubai’s preparations for the Expo 2020 will see real GDP growth rise to between 4-5 percent a year from 2017- 2020.

This will increase the activities of the stalled projects and thus will spur the requirements of part-timers with fresh perspectives. With a bold move by the government of UAE allowing the college and university students to work part-time, there would be a significant scope for the students and professional alike to cash upon it.

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