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It’s a high time in UAE Solar Industry

Solar Industry

With the world moving towards cleaner Energy and increased pressure over reducing carbon footprints, nations across the globe have joined hands and seem to be in synergy over the issue.

UAE is not behind. It has set an ambitious target to go 30% renewable by 2030. A major segment coming up in this sector is the Solar Energy segment. With sun available for more than 300 days a year, UAE has quite a promising future.

According to, Abu Dhabi based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Solar Energy segment alone recruited around 8 million people worldwide with a major proportion in Gulf and MENA region. Once a bane, round the year Sun can now be turned into a big industry.

UAE has witnessed a high jump in the demand for solar PV cells. Portable systems to convert daylong sun into electricity for domestic use is in trend. This has fueled the demand for engineers, technicians, young Science enthusiasts and market research agencies.

Dubai is at a 4-hour flight distance from nearly 50% of the world population, this makes migration easier. As markets are saturating in Europe due to decreasing demands, there has been an overwhelming shift of the experienced professionals who wish to continue their profession and are seeking hope in UAE.

Cost of installation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the lowest at $1.3 per unit against the global average of $1.8 per unit, as quoted by IRENA. This cost competitiveness is the major driving force behind the most evident future of the Solar industry in UAE.

With an existing 1000 MW installation in neighbouring Oman, the region already has a well-pitched ground for the session to takeoff. 

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