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8 Steps for Internship Conversion

  1. Be observant – Try to see the minutest of the proceedings and analyze the reasons behind it. This gives you the preliminary insights and helps you break the ice.
  2. Be inquisitive – In the beginning, when you are not expected to add significant value, try to utilize the time by asking questions and explore and eliminate as many doubts as possible.
  3. Be Courteous and Considerate – Try to be humble and free from any biases. Stay away from organization politics and prejudices that may exist. Build your rapport as a neutral person which would help you bring in connect with all the employees alike.
  4. Be a good follower – Slowly, as the time passes you get to know about some of the good performers. Make one of them as your mentor and learn nuances of real-world business from them. This would help you to gain the business jargon and develop some articulation required in a short course of time.
  5. Be smart – Try to imbibe the organization culture as early as possible, because it helps you understand the hiccups and opportunities lying ahead. It would also give you ample time to adapt yourself accordingly as it is very difficult to change the culture of an organization.
  6. Be participative – Ask your mentor or immediate superior to take you to the business meetings and reviews. Gauge the arguments of each member. Relate them to context and develop a framework within yourself. This would reflect your seriousness in the business and take you far in bagging some fresh opportunities.
  7. Be ready for surprises – Your organization can throw you into a nested loop of activities. It is to test your temperament and patience. Never get carried away and give your best shot. Remember, you are not being mistreated. It is just to ensure your efficacy to the organization and your efforts rather than results will be appreciated.
  8. Be Empathetic – Take the organization as your own. Develop a sense of ownership. This would help you to develop business. This would automatically push you into the zone from where you would look for every single opportunity in the market that may bring business to you.

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