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Become a language translator in UAE

Language Translator

What happens when about 10 million people speak 18 different languages? Either, businesses run with English as a medium or they need a Language Translator or both.

The UAE has over 92% literacy rate according to UNESCO.  Although most of them are fluent in English, 7 languages are listed here. Arabic and English are the most common medium in the day to day businesses. But, some of the professions such as law strictly demand fluency in Arabic.

A translator or interpreter not only translate the literal meaning in the required language. He/She also has to understand the cultural context of it. The UAE is the global crossroad. Even Arabic differs slightly among various Gulf countries. Be it Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco etc.

There is another aspect as well. Translators since ancient times have been translating texts from Persian, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin etc. giving huge contributions to societies.

Translators have been an important link between the intelligentsia and the common people. They have played a significant role in bringing out the inventions to the world and renaissance during the 19th Century. Also, they have spread awareness and public works to educate the people and spread harmony.

In the modern world, their work and responsibilities have only widened. Globalization has given them new spheres such as Medical translators, conference translators and specialized business translator.

In the UAE, they are always in demand in the courts and Libraries.  Business corporations today require translators in large number.

While forming laws of arbitration and business contracts in International Business, they play a key role. Their consultation on Copyrights, Patents and Trademark cases has almost become indispensable.

Arabic- English translators are required in huge numbers across schools in the UAE. In the beginning, budding translators can easily find secretary jobs with a pay scale of around 4000 AED. With experience and further training, they can move ahead.

With the UAE Vision 2020, of drawing more than 20 million expat tourists, they would be in great demand. Overall, it is going to boom career of many. Are you the one?

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